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No no, it’s okay you stay there. Thanks to our Team we can delivery to Your Home, TUSCANBITES can now come to you. We can delivery in the center of Florence.


Order at the shop or call +39 0550464760 and book the time, ready to take out?

TuscanBites Casual Dining Restaurant Florence Room

In store order & eat in

Order at the shop and as the buzzer lives up your food is ready to be eanjoyed

TuscanBites Team Restaurant

Instore order & take out

Order at the shop as as soon as the buzzer lives up its ready to take out


Choose from our Menù and Order online HERE (form to the right) or call +39 0550464760 and choose the time the dinner starts, Maximum at 9 pm. Our TB chef will arrive 1.5hrs before the serving time to cook.

Ex. If dinner starts at 8.30pm then chef arrives at 7pm

Bookings for this service are taken until midday of same day delivery and is limited to 2 a day.


Q&A Chef Services

Order online or at the shop your menu, the nr portions of each item, the time all needs to be ready for your dinner. Our chef will come to you 1.5hr before and bring al you ahve ordered. We will use your kitchen utensisl and machinery ,pots to cook as well as all your serving materials  just as if it was you who prepared it. Before the chef leale all foods to be servied will be organze upon needs and given instructions for the best result. As soon as first course is served the chef will clean up the material he used ,say good bye & leave.

The home owner needs to give his kitchen, utensils and needed material to the chef to be able to prepare. All that the chef uses to cook will be carefully cleaned and stored. The home owner will be responsabile for the table set up and the food serving trays.

The chef doe snot set the table or clean the dishes  or serve at the table. This in case i san e xtra service you may ask.

All that is needed to cook and prepare, saute, boil, toss, bake and serve the chosen menu.

We kindly ask you to be at the meeting on time, as in order to keep our prices challenging and convenient  in this service we need to be precise. In case of late arrival over 15 min we will add an extra hr fee of € 50€ which will be paid via paypal immediately.

In case the TB chef is late over 5 min, please let us know immediately at the ph nr . +39 0550464760 so that we can verify immediately.

You have the choice: woudl you like to add an extra hr to the service (€50 each hr or fraction) or not to comunicate at the nr +39 0550464760 with immediate paypal payment. In case you will decide NOt to add extra hr, the chef will decide with you the best solution for the foods to bea s near as ready as possible.

There are no limits at TuscanBites, if you would like to have the mise en place for your event and some staffing to enjoy at fullest the evening, send us an email at with all the details and we will get back within the 12 hrs with proposal and costs. Please notice that in this case the menu does not have to be just the TB shop  menu but anything you wish.

You may choose and ask for all you wosh. Send us an email with the following info:

  • date
  • nr guests
  • address
  • time event starts
  • budget
  • sorto f food requested
  • allergies
  • set up sort (rustic, chic, elegant, contemporary)
  • extras (sommeliers, bar tender)