Cooking Class In Tuscany

Here is our proposal about cooking class in the Countryside, 30 minute from Florence. We also offer a home cooking class service, if you stay in an apartment or villa and the structure has an appropriate kitchen.

Experience a hands-on guided Tuscan cooking class in a countryside place, outside. Learn how to create fresh handmade pasta, tagliatelle, gnocchi, ravioli, Polpette, Tiramisù and Gelato (depending on Class You choose). Taste food and sample excellent organic wine and olive oil (we produce in our farmhouse). During the cooking class you will learn the secrets of how Tuscans cook, the procedures, the choice of ingredients, the preparations before cooking and the advice of the grandmother.

If You would like Your personal menu don’t hesitate to ask!  

The cooking will be held: Via Acciaio e Agnolaccio 5 - 51100 - Pistoia - Italy