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Let your senses free discovering a new experience.

Love to play with foods and displays, casual,elegant,always an experince fit for your event

Amuse Catering Banqueting

Let your senses free discovering a new experience.

Let Tuscan Bites AMUSE you!

Destination events

Fun at Amuse Tuscan Bites Catering.

TuscanBites Catering International chefs

Michelin star Italian and International Chefs

Availbale for your event where you wish.

Let our reknown worldwide chefs bring to you their home.

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Elegant, Visual, Elaborate, Tasty, Authentic, Destination events, Top chefs, Fun at Amuse TuscanBites Catering.
Let Tuscan Bites AMUSE you! From Creation to full taste through Design with a dash of spice and glitter. Live food stations, plated design foods, authentic taste & tailor made tableware production just to start. Owned selections and structures for your event in food and bar.

TuscanBites catering  was born  as a destination catering for celebrity home dinners with Tuscan chefs and flair in Los Angeles. Today TuscanBites operates on destination events with its chefs and also in Italy with base in Florence.  The activity range of  Tuscan Bites Amuse Catering is anywhere you wish nationally & internationally.

Our motto is: “Entertain & Amuse with food”. We believe that naturally taste is not a top priority but a must have. To this why we combine beauty and flair with our simple yet unique taste:

  • TB Amuse food needs to be appealing, attractive, colorful, to eat with your eyes first
  • TB Amuse staffing is well trained, very professional, young, handsome with flair
  • TB Amuse bartenders are fully professional and handsome just as a bartender should be
  • TB Amuse line of foods is just different from its local competitors as the menus are created by Monica Balli directly upon your time, flair, likes, needs. The menu is created as if an event, not just food.
  • TB Amuse includes in the price simple yet important items as steamed table linens, real bar structures for cocktail hr and openbar, real furniture.

Let’s have fun!

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From Creation to full taste through Design with a dash of spice and glitter. Live food stations, plated design foods, authentic taste & tailor made tableware production just to start. Owned selections and structures for your event in food and bar. NO categories needed here to describe our services as we can do it all. The menu is done with us according to your needs and likes, following the patterns to satisfy and amuse each of our senses through color, taste, timing of the service. All is cooked and prepared on site. No limits for the menu and its foods.


Simple, Affordable, Tasty, Authentic Tuscan Foods Catering Tuscan Bites A’ Bottega service.

Family style foods for our service style and foods in a'bottega line. What this means? Simple and authentic home made foods, served in such a way that the must have is the experience of sharing with friends and being a family.

Indian chefs tuscanbites catering

Michelin star chef / International chefs

Our chefs can be Italian, Tuscan, Michelin star, but also international to guarantee the best authentic experience ever just as if closing your eyes you were right there! I believe our pics will speak for us, no need of many words. Just a few notes on what we differ from others: we love food, love experiencing new, love beauty, love ironed linens as well as handsome professional staffing both in foods and bartendering with each to work with professional and production designed furniture to amuse and entertain.


Authentic chefs upon your choice of experience. We start from scratch on each food by grocery shopping locally.

This service TB proposes is onsite chef upon likes and needs to care for your breakfast, lunch and dinners. To this service we apply Bartenders (tiki bar and regular) sommelier and other specialty professionals in the foods.
Either it’s a day or a month, we are happy to make your life better. In this case, the family chooses the chef upon availability and this will be their “home chef” for the time. It will be a fee according to the job required plus foods expenses upon receipt of grocery shopping.

Simple way to work it once you chose your TB Chef:

  • Pick your chef and decide time/services needed
  • Make menu likes before or every day with him directly
  • Enjoy!
  • We provide the same service for yachts and charters.
  • The best Tuscan Bites TRIO you may enjoy is: Chef + Bartender + dj for your weekly parties and yacht trips.
3 flowers decoration

American Bar
Open Bar

It’s your show and you are running it. Create a special corner for that fascinating bar in the event. Get a special menu with all sorts of drinks, cocktails, mocktails and so much more. And getting a bartender is a must for this show. You might have seen crazy videos of bartenders showing off their unimaginable skills. Let it happen at your event this time.


Come to visit us! We wil so happy to present to YOU our services, Team, Food, Settings and don't miss a delicious TASTING.